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Dutch police have a roadside device for identifying illegally fast and powerful e-bikes

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Rebecca Morley

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2 months 1 week ago

290 euro fine? Multiplied by the probability of being caught (247/x, where x is a number far bigger than 247), I don't think that's much of a deterence.

Far better to impound the machines there and then, to be reclaimed by the original rider (not their parent/guardian/friend) once they can produce the correct licence and insurance for the relevant category the bike falls into (which might entail waiting until they reach the correct age) - plus payment of the euro 290 fine, plus storage and admin charges.

2 months 1 week ago

They've had these for a long time - for testing mopeds and catching illegally souped up ones. Maybe not mobile ones, but they had them at the station. Certainly back in ~94, when they did so with my AR50 (I got a fine Wink ).

2 months 1 week ago

All good (sadly without feedback not everyone will be responsible with nice things - especially new nice things).  Even better:

Police don't check the speed of electric vehicles such as e-bikes, fat bikes or speed pedelecs, instead they assess the moment at which the pedal assistance stops.

Hopefully this is providing some (mild) turbo-training for the police?