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Brose has beefed up its cyber security to prevent people hacking its e-bike motors for more speed

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2 months 4 weeks ago

Re Sriracha, I was pedalling home (through Woodley as it happens) on Tuesday evening, in the dark, when a kid overtook me, on the pavement, riding what I think was a Sur-Ron or something like that. Kid swerved onto the road, stuck both legs out and wiggled them, then overtook a car while wheelying and disappeared into the dark. No lights, no helmet. He was on what was a lightweight electric motorbike, exactly like those unfortunate kids in Wales, and they are always described in the media as ebikes. They're not bicycles!

3 months 20 hours ago

When took my Fazua bike back to where I bought it, they didn't have a clue. Mind you, they did no better with an old school ordinary bicycle. No substitute for good training. And the bike shop in question ... Halfords.

3 months 1 day ago

The cynic in me also suggests this is to create a profit center in servicing tools and to prevent home servicing....

No doubt the Brose secret decoder ring will cost LBS's an arm and a leg.

3 months 1 day ago

I think they are correct about the "treasure". Organs like The Daily Telegraph love to conflate legal EAPCs with anything electrically powered on two wheels, happily calling them all e-bikes in order to group cyclists with yobs on motorbikes. The industry should do nothing that allows them to substantiate their error. So Brose are also right in shoring up thr distinction between them, and preventing the one being a proxy for the other.