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Voi rolls out e-bikes with number plates in Cambridge, Kettering and Peterborough

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2 years 4 months ago

Avon & Somerset Constabulary’s traffic management unit boss said the scheme had been a policing “non-event” after he had initially feared “twisted metal and bodies scattered all over the highway”.

Did the scooters have number plates too? If so that must be the only thing that's saved us from this carnage. (Carnage - geddit?)

The utility of this excellent marking idea is sometimes oversold, at least with the current system. I'm not convinced that all the fines for "failures to identify the driver" are a huge deterrent. Equally, I'm fine with commercial / rental vehicles (including share / hire bikes) having numbers - seems sensible. The main use I've found is for easier reporting when I've discovered them "lost and in distress" in bushes.