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Halfords reports booming e-bike and e-scooter sales


2 years 1 week ago

You have to ask how Halfords can justify selling e-scooters for private use when these are illegal for use anywhere other than private land?

2 years 1 week ago

They would want e scooters to be road legal, they would sell more. I personally think they are a death trap, and I am sick and tired of almost being run over by them.

2 years 1 week ago

By all means buy a bike from Halfords, the Boardman range seems particularly good. But my experience is that they don't have a clue how to service bikes.

I took a Bordman Fazua ebike (bought from them) back with a simple problem (broken connector) and they completely screwed it up. Most worrying was that they did not even comprehend what they had done - they might as well have been trying their hand at translating Russian into Greek, no clue.


At the same time I took an old bog standard bike in for a new BB bearing. They fitted the bearing cage backwards. You could not make this up. All I knew at first was that there was excessive play, so I left it for them to correct. When I went back the second time to collect the was no play, the BB axle was so tight it would not turn freely at all. "It will loosen up" they explained. Only when I disassembled it did I discover what they had done - and that was after having been alerted to the issue. It beggars belief.