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Garmin launches e-bike specific radar light - the Varia eRTL615

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Rebecca Bland

Rebecca has been writing about e-bikes for four years, after a typically ill-timed career change pre-pandemic. She's been riding bikes since she can remember, and fell back in love with them after realising it was faster, cheaper, and more fun than getting the bus to work. Nowadays she enjoys all kinds of bikes, from road to eMTB and is training her border collie pup to become a trail dog. 


11 months 3 weeks ago

If it is like the non-light model that comes as OEM fit with Cannondale Smartsense (and some Specialized e-bikes?) it will run from "any" 4v to 12v power supply. I bought one of those and it operated from a PP3 9V battery quite happily for testing.

This looks great, but the price is tricky. You can buy 2 RTL515s for the same money, which would give you ~14 hours of riding time, and the opportunity to charge one while you used the other.

11 months 3 weeks ago

Interested in what the required input is.  Presumably with the USB-A you can run it from powerbank which may be of interest to long distance riders.