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Cake Åik - an e-cargo bike that can be fitted with three batteries for monster range

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Alex Bowden

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1 year 6 months ago

Wow, what progress!

First there was the simple e-bike. Great, assisted pedalling! But wait, the range isn't too good…
Let's put a bigger battery on it! Bigger range! But it is a bit sluggish now, with that heavier battery…
It needs a more powerful motor! Lots of oomph! The bike feels a bit flimsy now though, with all that power and weight…
Clearly, the frame and components need to be beefed up. Oh, and a suspension fork and seat post, and bigger disc brakes to stop this beast!
What a bike. The rsnge isn't all that good though. Maybe we should add another battery!

Real progress, those e-bikes.