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€30,000 fines will be dished out to riders caught with a tuned e-bike in France

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Jack Sexty

Jack is the news editor here at eBikeTips, and also edits the live blog and writes tech news over on our sister site Jack first became fascinated with e-bikes when an elderly gentleman breezed past him without a care in the world up a big old hill in North Wales - thus realising e-bikes are the real deal! Although he genuinely enjoys time trials and lung-busting climbs without assistance, Jack likes nothing more than cruising round town on an e-bike during his days off.   


4 years 4 months ago

Why the implicit support by referring to modified e-bikes as tuned, surely they should be referred to as illegal?  If they are modified and registered they become electric mopeds and legal again. 

4 years 4 months ago

I was passed in London by an electric scooter doing over 25 mph on a cycle superhighway. Not some feral youth, but a very well dressed, I assume, office worker. He was riding much safer than some of the cyclists, that were just plain reckless...full speed through major junctions on red lights, some track bikes,no brakes ...

4 years 4 months ago

Governers will be fitted under EU law (hmmmm...) but will be overcome by the extremely difficult operation of pressing the accelerator pedal.  An alarm might sound inside the car (I'm sure to be easily disabled).  What we really need is flashing lights and the sounding of Klaxons on the outside of the car (with £30,000 fine and 2 years inside for removing) to alert all of those around the dangerous lawbreaker, I mean, if it's only ever needed to get out of a very rare emergency situation.

4 years 4 months ago

It's fucking embarassing. Bosh shitting themselves in case their motors might be used to reach 19 mph. Meanwhile BMW are promoting road legal cars capable of 190mph.

4 years 4 months ago

Ok, I'll go first: but what about car drivers?