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Gtech Sport e-bike

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Gtech Sport e-bike

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Dave Atkinson

Dave lives at the top of a big hill and his office is at the bottom, so he's all in favour of a helping hand. Plus, e-bikes are fun! He's the editor of ebiketips and one of the founders of EBT's road cycling sister site, He used to work on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike back in the day, and he's a former mountain bike bog snorkelling World Champion. Really.


1 year 10 months ago

I love my GTech City ebike.I bought it in April 2018. I use it to cycle through the local woods and also on the road. The carbon belt avoids messy oil marks on my legs and clothes, the battery is easy to remove and charge, it looks good, and the saddle is comfortable. And what a joy to go up hill now. Now many downsides, my battery performance has reduced but I am getting a replacement from the shop I bought it from (the GTech website says all products are guaranteed for 2 years so hope applies to me!).

2 years 5 months ago

Rubbish on every level. I’ve had mine replaced numerous times and it still remains a very poor ride. The battery fails constantly and you’re lucky to get  8 miles out of it. I’ve spent hours on the phone and email with customer care. The bike is very much hit and miss with regards production as some customers are obviously happy with there’s. check production dates and how long it may have been stocked.. or go for a more reliable company. A real shame

2 years 9 months ago

I cannot recommend the Gtech EBike. The first one had to be sent back as unroadworthy. The battery does not do 30+ miles on full power, as I was told it would by email.

A few weeks outside the warrenty period, the bike began to act as if the brakes were on, if pressure was put on the pedals (ie riding up hills). Customer services offered to sell me a new back wheel but were not sure whether this was the fault !

All in all, a waste of money.


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