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Electric bike news

Focus launch JAM² Carbon e-mountain bike
This premium machine is aggressive and ready to attack the trails, with or without assistance
Velair BikinTime vintage e-bike surpasses crowfunding target
It weighs less than 16kg, has the battery concealed in a smart leather saddle bag and it oozes Parisian style: the Bikin'Time is an e-bike with a difference
Momentum Electric VIT-S now funding on Kickstarter
High-quality city bike with a 95Nm mid motor is looking for backers and offering big discounts
Rubbee X e-bike converter is a hit on Kickstarter
The fully wireless box can be fitted to any bike to give it a boost, and has already gone way past its funding target on Kickstarter with three weeks to spare
Just in: Riese & Muller Packster 60
Premium cargo bike with Bosch's DualBattery system
Best Black Friday e-bike deals
Looking for an e-bike? Today might be the day...
Pinarello unveil Nytro electric road bike
The Italian brand are calling the Nytro an 'eRoad' bike, designed to feel the same as a high-end race machine but with assistance when you need it
New hydrogen fuel cell bike takes two minutes to charge
Pragma Industries Alpha has a 100km claimed range... don't expect to be able to buy one too soon though
Swytch system now funding on Indiegogo
You can get a kit to convert your bike from as little as £225
Video: Focus e-MTBs vs the TransAlp
Route that normally takes 5-7 days knocked off in just one with the help of the new Raven e-MTB