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This rear view ‘safety’ system warns e-bike riders if a driver’s about to plough into the back of them…


1 year 12 months ago

Give it Garmin Varia plus accurate enough speed camera capability and I'd be up for it, Current Varia's variable light flashing according to speed of motorist to let them know that they are being watched works pretty well at encouraging better behaviour. Add in speed camera capability and it could be a real winner,  I'd certainly consider paying more than I've paid for my Varia if it delivered. As it is though, can only see it being of interested to those who ride around with headphones.


1 year 12 months ago

Good to know when you'r about to get flattened, not that you can do anything about it.

1 year 12 months ago

Should that not make one for cars 


1 year 12 months ago

Looks a bit like a Garmin Varia, but rather than using RADAR, it's using LiDAR and stereoscopic cameras. That's going to take some power, so only suitable for e-bikes with big batteries.

Not a daft idea to know there's a fast or large vehicle approaching from behind. The object detection and path estimation has the potential to make this more useful in an urban environment than the simpler RADAR based system. You could filter out all but the most iminent threats. I'm just not sure that's going to leave much time for a cyclist to react.

A vibrate notification is not haptic feedback either. Also an odd choice for a bike, where you've got a lot of vibrations anyway and no real need to be discreet about notifications.

Product looking for a solution going on here.