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Electra adds two new e-bikes to its range with an emphasis on affordability

Electra adds two new e-bikes to its range with an emphasis on affordability

Electra has introduced two new e-bikes: the Cruiser Go! and the somewhat awkwardly named Townie Go! 7D EQ. Both bikes are positioned as more affordable options within the brand’s wider e-bike range.

Electra has up until now tended to use Bosch motors for its e-bikes, but the two new models use a drive system that has been developed and designed specifically for Electra and Trek.

Townie Go 7D EQ Step Over motor.jpg

It comprises a 250W rear hub motor capable of delivering 40Nm of torque powered by a 250Wh integrated battery that is situated in the downtube.

Our sister site took a look at the unassisted version of the Townie 7D a few years back. The bike’s unique selling point is its geometry. It features an upright seating position and the ability to place your feet flat on the ground whenever you want.

Townie Go 7D EQ Step Over.jpg

The Townie Go! 7D EQ takes the same fundamentals and adds three levels of power assistance. It comes with 7-speed Shimano gears, mechanical disc brakes, lights and mudguards.

Other electric versions of the Townie Go! Are £3,000 or more, but the 7D EQ version is available for £1,750.

The Cruiser was Electra’s first bike and is built to similar principles with an obviously relaxed riding position.

Cruiser Go Step Over.jpg

The Cruiser Go! Is a single-speed e-bike featuring the same 250W hub motor with prices starting at £1,600.

Snazzier-looking and slightly-more-expensive (£1,750) versions include the Shibori Go! and Bali Go!

Shibori Cruiser Go Step Thru.jpg

Both the Townie Go! 7D EQ and Cruiser Go! are available with step-through and step-over frames.

Electra Bicycle Company president Kevin Cox commented: "At Electra, we always say that our best bike is our next bike. The Cruiser Go! and Townie Go! 7D certainly pass that test.

“Combining our long-standing experience creating comfort bikes with the latest e-bike technologies has resulted in these two new models.

“They ride like a dream, look absolutely fantastic and don't break the bank. Ultimately, we hope they contribute to our mission – to inspire people to go outside more often and ride bikes."

Electra adds two new e-bikes to its range
Townie Go! 7D EQ and Cruiser Go! built around new hub motor system