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Electric bike news

E-bike riders face fines on Australian trails
A decision to uphold an outdated law ruling e-bike users out from using trails called "hugely disappointing"
Yamaha unveils bizarre urban mobility e-solutions
A three-wheeled e-bike and a strange lounge-on-wheels feature as part of Yamaha's plans to 'create connections'
London flat fire caused by failed e-bike battery
The Li-ion battery allegedly caught fire while charging, damaging two flats - nobody was seriously injured
Just in: Momentum Upstart
Lightweight (for an e-bike) two-speed city machine with front hub motor and £1,350 price tag
Lapierre reimagine the Overvolt e-MTB for 2017
The Overvolt AM Carbon's stunningly low centre of gravity, rotated battery & dog-leg frame make for interesting viewing
Yamaha launch new PW-X motor for 2017
New unit has an extra assistance mode, and it's smaller and more powerful
In an e-bike vs Alfa Romeo showdown who comes out on top?
Top Gear USA pits a HPC e-bike against an Alfa Romeo through Los Angeles's traffic choked streets.
Tern hints at non-folding e-bikes ahead of Eurobike
The Taipei company has dabbled in foldable e-bikes already, but has suggested a shift in focus as it celebrates its 5th year
Here's Schaeffler's bizarre four-wheeled e-bike/car concept
If we're honest, it's probably a bit of both - but this four-wheeled e-bike concept could be the future
Riding an electric bike makes you healthier
A university team in Colorado, USA, has determined that riding an e-bike has numerous cardiovascular health benefits