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First ride: Giant Road E+ 1

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Dave Atkinson

Dave lives at the top of a big hill and his office is at the bottom, so he's all in favour of a helping hand. Plus, e-bikes are fun! He's the editor of eBikeTips and one of the founders of EBT's road cycling sister site,


2 months 1 week ago

I am 73 and purchased a Giant Quick E Plus Bike a year ago. I am fairly fit with no health problems. I have not cycled since I was about 18. I live in Tenterden, Kent and ride frequently to Rye, then along the coast to Littlestone and back up to Tenterden. There are a lot of 10-12 degree climbs along the way and the bike just about gets me up the steepest hills. I cycle and average of 45 miles and average 13 mph and the battery still has 10% left. The way I ride the bike ensures that I get a good workout and I enjoy pushing myself. I decided to do the Camino de Santiago (Pilgrimage route in Spain) in early Oct last year on my bike. I did the last 200 miles of the Camino, over 5 days, so I could get my Pilgimage Certificate. It involved long climbs through the mountain area with some climbs 6-12 kilometres. The E Bike was perfect without any problems. Only once did the battery die and I was under a mile from my destination. At the end of the 5 days I was fitter and had lost 5 kilos weight. My advise to anyone thinking of getting an E Bike is-DO IT but dont be tempted to get a cheap one. To get the range and the quality it costs around £2000+. The cheap bikes that say "up to 30 miles range" in reality do 15-20 miles which is not enough if you want to go out for the day.

11 months 19 min ago

Dave,  Thanks for the insightful review, and yes I have purchased one.  The difference being that I am in the US and the speed is limited to 28mph on the assist, which is a blast.  It is a blessing to a 67 year old who now can keep up and ride with  friends again.  I can't attest to climbs as Florida is flat, but with a 10 mph headwind off the Atlantic, dialing in more assist and gearing correctly makes it a pleasure.

Thanks again for a good site.

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