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Electric bike buying advice

Your guide to mid motor drive systems
With the motor built into the frame, these systems give great performance and reliability
Urban mid motor shoot-out: Bosch v Shimano v Brose v Yamaha
Which of the four biggest mid-motor systems comes out on top for life on the road?
Your guide to electric mountain bikes
Everything you need to know to get yourself off-road
Buyer's Guide: e-bikes over £2,000
You're spoiled for choice with great bikes for all purposes
Your guide to electric cargo bikes
Want to carry more than yourself? There are loads of options out there!
Your guide to electric city bikes
Want to get around town with ease? Here's what to look for...
Electric bikes and UK law
What is and isn't allowed for e-bikes under UK legislation? Here's what you need to know
Get the best range from your e-bike
Don't want to find yourself out of power when you're out riding? Ready our handy tips